2nd April 2003


Blissful Babies Limited, based in West Sussex are delighted to announce they will be launching the WhyCry® baby crying analyser at The Practical Parenting Baby Show, at the NEC, Birmingham in late May.

Aware of the great importance all parents place upon their children's well-being, and being parents themselves, the developers at WhyCry® have created a device that analyses the pitch of your baby's cries and gives the user a clear indication of why. Within 20 seconds, the baby's cry is digitally analysed and transmitted to one of 5 simple 'expressions' - Hunger; Boredom, Annoyed, Sleepy and Stressed, depicted on the front of the portable, hand held unit. The analyser is accompanied with a complete User Guide, and symptoms chart, so that once the cry has been translated, the accompanying chart can then give pointers as to how to rectify the situation.

During the early stages of parenthood, most parents admit to feeling anxious and uncertain regarding their baby's needs. As time goes by, all first-time parents learn to identify the reasons why their babies are crying, but until then they can only rely upon trial-and-error to assess exactly what it is that their baby needs. In this respect the WhyCry® is the perfect aid to the first time parent, and an invaluable tool to assist any carer learning to interpret a baby's requirements during those first important months of life.

The WhyCry® is a unique nursery aid that is appropriate in a multitude of caring situations and lifestyles, from first time parents and nannies, to nurseries and crèches, and we believe that its use can only lead to improved quality of care and peace of mind for both parent and baby. We at Blissful Babies Limited are very excited to be a part of what we believe is a whole new innovation in early childcare.

Product Background

Pedro Monagas, an electronics engineer from Castellar del Valles, Spain, developed the analyser in response to his own baby's constant crying, and his inability to fully understand why. Monagas found that in analysing differences in pitch, frequency of crying spells and changes in volume, he was able to develop the WhyCry® baby crying analyser. After 4 years of worldwide research, development, and a range of clinical testing in Europe, we are pleased to present a baby crying analyser that delivers a success rate of 98% when used in conjunction with the accompanying symptoms chart.

In addition to the above research and development, the analyser was also awarded the G.a.l.à.c.t.i.c.a. 2001 silver medal at the International Trade Fair of Inventions and new Patents in Spain.

We must stress however, that the analyser is NOT a medical instrument, and if a parent or carer is in any doubt about their baby's health, they should contact their doctor.

For further details of WhyCry® please contact:

Jules Rumbold
Blissful Babies Limited
+ 00 44 (0) 1903 889520
[email protected]
Come and meet us on stand E112 at The Baby Show, NEC 30 May - 1 June 2003

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We must stress that the analyser is NOT a medical instrument, and if a parent is in any doubt about their baby's health, they should contact their doctor.